Gold Dust Liquid Chalk

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Look no further - Gold Dust gives you that extra grip needed to prevent gun slippage, without being sticky. Gold Dust offers the competitive edge you have needed for keeping the moisture off of your hands. Apply a small dime size amount into your palm then rub both hands together. Gold Dust will dry completely in about 15 sec. leaving a white chalky film on your hands. This liquid chalk technology will give you a better grip on your gun surfaces, keeping them in place. The product will not stain nor damage the finish on the firearm. It simply washes off your hands and wipes off your firearm with a dry or damp rag. Don't fall victim to another target miss because of gun slippage. Each bottle comes with a convenient stainless steel snap ring to hang it from your shooting cart/shooting bag. The lid also has a built in cleat that will keep the hole clean and free of any dried chalk.